Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I really am planning on catching up on my blog...but this couldn't wait for me to get my act together. While I was drying my hair, Evan decided to dress up like a cowboy....seems harmless enough. He told me that he was looking for bad guys to take to jail...great. When I am done with my hair, I tell him it is time to get changed for karate. As I am helping him put his cowboy clothes away, I can hear Cooper barking from somewhere in the house. I ask him if he knows where Cooper is. He replies very proudly that Cooper was the bad guy and he took him to jail. Apparently Evan put Cooper in his crate and carried his crate to his bedroom and locked the door....one problem...We don't have a key for that lock. It is one of the several things on our "list" that we were planning on replacing. There are no screws to take the handle off...no way of picking it (it is not as easy as it looks on TV)...I have been trying for an hour. So here I sit waiting for a locksmith to come and break Cooper out of jail. Ah...little boys:)