Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan

Evan is 4!!! He has been waiting for his birthday for months. Ever since we got a Wii for Christmas, Evan has been obsessed with Super Mario Brothers.

Megan made him an incredible cake.... I am so glad that she was home for his birthday! I came up with the great idea to wrap Evan new bike in balloons. When it was time to open it, we gave him a needle and he went to town. He also got a new skateboard from Grandma and Bumpa Phipps... and his favorite present was the stuffed dog that Makayla gave him.

I don't know what else to say about this little boy, except that we just love him. He makes us laugh everyday. Even though there are too many wonderful things about Evan to count, here are four of my favorite....
*His curly hair... the other day he looked at me me at said, "Mom, the s love my curly hair."
*How social he is...he manages to embarrass me in public at least a few times a day.
*How sensitive he is
*When he tells me he loves me in his deep little boy voice.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soccer Mom

I love soccer. I never played, but my brothers did. I loved traveling to different tournaments and watching the games. When Evan was finally old enough to play, I was so excited. (Makayla is still recovering from her one season of softball, so soccer wasn't going to happen) Now here is the thing with Evan, he is very coordinated and strong, but he just lacks that competitive spirit. To him soccer was more like a meet and greet....

"Hi, my name is Evan...I'm four. I like you? My sister's name is Makayla, she is seven. I like your cool red jersey."

"Yeah, that's the soccer ball over there, but you can have it if you's your turn. If you want, I can go and get it for you. I can even block my players so you can make a goal. Maybe we can play together sometime?"

Now in his defense, he was one of the youngest players on his team. After a couple of games, he started to get the hang of it.

He even manage to make a couple of them may have been in his own goal, but who's keeping score anyway:)

One of the funniest things he did all season was that he would just walk off the field when he wanted a drink. The ball would be right by him and he would just walk out of the game. "Its okay coach, I just need some water...I'm losing all my energy."

It's already time to register him again....a seasoned pro. It will be fun to see if he he gets more into it this year. He may not be the competitive, intense soccer players my brothers were, but he is sure entertaining.