Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candles and Stitches

So it finally happened...I got a sewing machine. I think my mom was tired of me asking her to mend things. I am not going to lie...I was pretty excited. It's about should have seen my mom when I made my first stitch...her eyes filled with tears. I am pretty sure that she has never been more proud of me in her life. Special note: The above dress was not sewn by me, I just fixed the steps
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Kindergarten Graduation

It's official, Makayla is a grade schooler! And apparently graduating from kindergarten is a bigger deal than graduating from college. I don't know what Makayla was more excited for...the actual graduation or because she was allowed to wear flip flops to school. It was fun to look back at all she has learned this year. When I look at her journals from the beginning of the year to the end, I am amazed at her growth. She has gone from learning to read to reading simple chapter books. Right know she loves the Magic Treehouse series. She has such a love for learning, I can't wait to see what she does next year. As for right know...we are just enjoying sleeping in and not doing much of anything at all...
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Trees

(Tami) "Wes what is the weather going to be like in Angel's Camp?"
(Wes) "It is going to be really nice...upper 70's"
(Tami) "Are you sure, I remember there was snow on the ground last time we went."
(Wes) "No, its going to nice...I am wearing short sleeves."
(Tami) "You are crazy, I am packing the kids winter should bring a sweatshirt."
(Wes) "You are bringing way too much stuff."
(Tami) "We'll see."

"Hey Mom...what's all this stuff on the ground?" Snow...and it is in the upper 40' you are glad you have that sweatshirt Wes! Oh...and I would like to that you for taking my coat (the one you said I wouldn't need) out of the sucker!
The kids had alot of fun. Although the fun of the snow quickly faded and the cold set in. The trail was way longer than I remember, but the kids were troopers. Makayla just focused on the tree markers...counting down from 21. Once she saw tree maker 1, I thought she was going to cry...she was beginning to worry we were going to have to sleep in the forest.
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This is what happens when I am watching American Idol instead of my kids....Evan decided Makayla was more comfortable then his bed.
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