Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Problem With Insomnia....

Being 39 weeks pregnant is no of the worst sleep. What do I do with all this extra time on my hands? Mainly I browse Baby Center and read recent post from other people due in August. Somehow I stumbled across a post debating cloth vs. disposable diapers. This lead to me getting online and researching cloth diapering. This lead to me thinking that there are some really cute cloth diaper out there. This lead me to thinking that maybe I should use cloth diapers. I am sure that those of you that really know me are probably wetting yourself reading this...and yes I know that when I potty trained Makayla and Evan I have been known to throw the poopy underwear away because it grossed me out so much. The real problem is that I am nine months pregnant and have completely lost my mind...I can't help it. So after spending way too much time looking into cloth diapers and watching way too many Utube videos, I decided to try to get some sleep and figure it out in the morning. My conclusion...I am losing my mind...there are some things that I am not cut out for and cloth diapering is definitely on the list. I have got to have this baby out before I get any other brilliant deciding I want to have this baby drug free or try a home water birth. My favorite quote was from my mom, "You know I only used cloth diapers because I had no other options...they were really gross!"

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life In The Country

Who said you have to live on a farm to enjoy the lifestyle? We are lucky enough to have my parents and cousins just up the road which allows us to enjoy the country life .
This summer my parents got goats to add to their farm livestock....the kids had so much fun going and picking them up.

This is Liliy. Makayla bought her with her own money. She is such a sweet cat, but with a baby expected to arrive at anytime, Lily had to be an outside cat. Growing up, we always had outside cats so I wasn't worried about her being outside. The only problem is that Lily is too social for her own good. Our little next door neighbor has returned her several times...Lily keeps going through their dog door and getting in their house. Fliers had been put up by our neighbors on several occasions because Lily would just show up at their houses. Then before Halloween, I hadn't seen her is couple days....and then while we were trick or treating she just jumped out from a neighbors yard. Finally, I talked Makayla into letting her go live at grandma's and Bumpa's...she is much to wonder.

This summer, the kids helped my parents put a garden that I mean they both just made two big mounds of dirt with shovels...whatever keeps them happy...I didn't have the heart to tell Makaya that the dirt she was playing in was actually top soil...or in other words compost...aka garbage.

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