Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunny Days

This week the weather has been so beautiful! I have got nothing laundry, no homework, and only a few loads of dishes. This week has been all about flip flops, short sleeves, and playing outside. I should just cut and paste Amy's blog entry on our wonderful weather!

***The purpose of this post is to convince Ashley that there is no reason why she should not come to California with Megan....unless she enjoys being cooped up in her house while it snows outside and finds joy in denying her firstborn the warmth and sunshine of his birthplace...

One a side note...I am on week five of P90X....which means I start some new exercises. The other day I was doing to chest and arm workout (AKA a million push-ups workout). Now I can only do a couple regular push-ups...definitely not my thing. Well about half way through the workout they start doing one-armed push-ups...I start laughing and say...Yeah right! Well Makayla was watching me and in a very concerned voice says, "Mom, maybe you should go back to week four." I think she has a career as a motivational speaker.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Six Pack

In an attempt to get in really good shape by my 30th birthday, I have been doing P90X Lean for about two weeks...I was so sore the first week, I could barely move. The other day I was exercising (Ab Ripper...yeah, it is about as fun as it sounds) and Makayla asks, "Mom why do you always exercise?" I told her it is healthy to exercise, and that this exercise was going to help me get a flat stomach...she thought about that for a minute and replied, "I guess your stomach is a little chubby." Offended, I informed her that I had had two kids...she looks at me, not at all impressed, and quickly adds "Mom, that was like four years ago!" Sadly...I had no comeback.