Monday, March 30, 2009


Send Wes outside with the kids and he will give a reason to go to the emergency room. Poor Evan, he touch the muffler on the lawnmower after Wes parked it. I am pretty sure he won't be doing that again. The one good thing about a third degree burn is after it stops burning, you apparently lose feeling until it heals. I love the card Makayla made for him. As a mom it is so rewarding to see those acts of kindness.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Raining...It's Pouring

The last couple of weeks have been pouring rain. When it finally cleared up, Evan and I headed down to our seasonal stream. I thought of wrapping his boots in plastic wrap again, but as the pictures will show, it wouldn't have done any good. Evan got soaked, it was so muh fun. The whole time he was down there jumping and splashing I just kept thinking how awesome it was we could do this. Of course I thought we would go down to the stream and Evan would throw things in and watch the water move down stream...what do I know...he didn't throw "things" in, he throw himself in. When we walked back up to house I must have dumped about five cups of water out of Evan's boots...he didn't seem to mind.

We were also lucky enought to be invited over to the Hulbert's property to go on a "creek walk". Their stream kicks our stream's trash. It has a can we compete with that. The kids had a blast. The main problem we ran into is that I did not know that to complete the "creek walk" I would have to actually cross it. I am sure that some of you are thinking no big deal...just jump across. I wish it were that easy, but no such luck. I tried and landed in the middle...not sure what I was thinking...somtimes I think I am taller and more athletically inclined then I actually am. As I was standing in the middle of the creek with water running all around me I was also wishing I wasn't wearing running shoes...the holes are good when your feet are hot, but terribly inconnvient when standing in a rushing stream.

This picture is commpliments of Amy. She was a much better trooper then I was. While I am still trying to "rock jump" across the creek in pursit of Evan, she just rolled her pants up and jumped right in.

It was quite the adventure for the kids. They had so much fun splashing and exploring. We stopped and had a snack and dumped the water out of the kids boots. Amy, not only being more adventerous than I, is also much smater and brought a change of clothes, socks, and shoes for her kids....I should also admit that Amy reminded me to bring a change of clothes, which I sadly did not remember until I started the mile walk back to her house in my soggy socks. Even with water squishing out of my shoes it was a great time. And really what is a "creek walk" without your feet getting a little wet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Evan has a new saying..."Not fair!" Everything is "not fair". Here are just a few examples... Evan it's time to get dressed..."not fair", Evan do you want eggs for breakfast?..."not fair", Evan time for church..."not fair", Evan you need to pick up your toys..."not fair"...and the list continues. It is basically is answer to most things things these days. The bad part is that when he says it he gets this serious look on his face and uses his "mean voice", I can't help but laugh. I am not exactly sure where he picked it up. Makayla occasionally says it, but he has definitely taken it to another level. His other new saying is, "I'm sick". He loves to use it when he gets in trouble. He gets big alligator tears and cries that he is sick. I just look at him an say, "No you are not sick you are sad." His usual response, "Okay Mommy." Now that one I can never grow tried of.
The other day when Evan was asleep in the car, Makayla says, "You know Mom, Evan is really cute when he is asleep, he looks so sweet... you can't even tell how ornery he really is."