Saturday, July 31, 2010


Disneyland really is one of the happiest places on earth....I think my kids had a permante smile on their faces the whole time. We were lucky enough to have my parents and Jarom with us.

We went for five days this time. Two of the days, the boys went scuba diving in San Diego, but my mom and I went all five days with the kids. It was nice not to be rushed or feel like we were missing things.

This is one of my favorite pictures....Makayla and Evan full of energy, and my parents in the back round looking for the nearest bench.

My kids loved the tea made me sick just to watch the ride. It was great to have Jarom with us. Not only is he super fun Uncle, but it also gave Wes a ride buddy for all the rides I didn't want to go on. Somehow I got Makayls to go on Califorian Screamin' with me...she still hasn't forgivin me. One of my favorite comments from Evan came months later when he was talking with his friend Sam about all the rides they went on. Sam was telling Evan that his favorite ride was Thunder Mountain (the one ride I could not get Evan to go on). Evan, however, told Sam that it was his favoirte ride as well. I turned around and reminded Evan that he didn't go on that ride because he said it looked too scary. Evan got this seriuos look on his face and said, "No mom, I did want to go on it....I was speaking spanish and you just didn't understand me!"

This pretty much sums up the end of everyday....

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was seeing my kids interact with each other. Makayla went on all the Toy Story rides with Evan, and Evan spent a whole day is princess land with her. They are not just siblings, but great friends.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Makayla Turns Seven

I can not believe Makyla is seven...I know Isay that ever year she gets a little older, but this year it really hit me how much she is growing up. As each year passes, it is fun to see all the changes that come with that growth, but there is also a part of me wants to turn back time to when she would toddle around, bouncy blond cute.
This year for her birthday we had a family party. Her girl scout troop had already planned a trip to Sun Splash, which is a pretty fun way to spend a birthday. I had Wes take Makayla and Evan to the water park so I could get all set up for the party....that is why the kids cheeks are bright red (I wasn't there to oversee the sunscreen application). However, Wes's real lack of judgement was when he let Makayla spray his back with sunscreen. His whole back was fried (I am talking need to go to the doctor's fried) except for a little circle right in the middle of his back...bulls eye. I spent alot of time to make Makayla's presents cute this year, with pretty bows and cute paper. However, her favorite wrap job was the "garbage" unicorn Jarom made...pretty sad when when you can't compete with a present wrapped in trash. I particularly like how he designed it to open....

This year we got her a bike for her birthday. She was pretty excited. She also got an Easy Bake oven from my know you are getting old when toys start to recycle themselves. One of her favorite things is to watch cake show with Bumpa, so it was a perfect present.
Seven of my favorite things about Makayla
*Her sense of humor...I like to think that she gets her quick from me
*Her desire to do the right thing
*How sweet she is with Evan
*How practical she makes me laugh
*How creative she is
*Her is contagious
*That she is everything I could have dreamed my little girl would be
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