Sunday, November 22, 2009

Apple Turkey

Yes I made the cookies (don't be so shocked)... I didn't want my kid to be the one to bring carrot sticks to the Thanksgiving feast...
Evan had his Thanksgiving play at preschool this week. It is still hard for me to believe that he is up on that stage... not Makayla. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that it was Makyala shyly walking up there. I was so excited to see what they had been working on. And without fail, every show they did, she would just sit there quietly, barely making a sound....
Fast forward three years... and you get Evan. He comes in so excited and smiling so big. He hopes on the stage and loudly welcomes everyone. Such a contrast. He sings all the songs and knows all the little signs he had learned. I was laughing the whole time.
I was waiting the the entire show to hear him sing what I thought was a song entitled "Apple Turkey". All week, He had been singing it at home while making cute signs. When the show ended, I wondered why they didn't sing it. When I asked his teacher, she stared laughing... I guess one of the songs they sang was called Albuquerque Turkey.... Evan's take on the word.... appleturkey. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for the Christmas show!

A few funny phrases from Evan this week....
**"Look mom, I taught Cooper a new trick....See! I showed him how to walk on four feet"... this kid is going to be the next Dog Whisperer
**Evan was insulted by a comment I made when I told him was not big enough to play Yahtzee..."Oh yeah mom, I have big muscles (flexing), and a big brain right here (pointing to his belly)." To his credit he came back about five minutes later, laughing and told me his brain was actually inside his head.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lapse In Judgement

No... you haven't clicked on the wrong blog... we got a puppy... I know, big shocker. Makayla has been wanting a puppy for a while, so Wes and I where thinking of getting the kids one for Christmas. After a lot of research, I found a great breeder, but she didn't have any litters available right at Christmas time, but she had just had a litter of chocolate brown puppies. The kids where so excited when we told them, but they still had to wait awhile, and then finally we were able to go and get him. We decided to name him Cooper. Wes said that since I was making him get a sissy dog, that he couldn't have a sissy name.
I was really nervous to get a puppy because I have never been 'in charge" of one before. So far he is the sweetest puppy I could have hoped for. He loves to cuddle, adores the kids, and so far hasn't even had any accidents (fingers crossed).

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I can't believe that Halloween has already come and gone. Now everywhere I go all I see is Christmas decorations... it is making me feel really behind the game. I have to keep reminding myself that there is still Thanksgiving, then I can stress out about Christmas.
The kids had lots of fun carving pumpkins, although they still wouldn't reach their hands inside and pull out the seeds. I asked Makayla what she was going to do when she had her own little ... who would clean the pumpkin out for her. She quickly informed me that she still had along time before she had to worry bout that and I would be the grandma and she would still let me do it... always so thoughtful.

This year we went to our ward's trunk or treat. It was a lot of fun... and just the right amount of candy. This year Makayla went around to the cars and then decided she wanted to pass out candy with me (she is getting so big).

This picture pretty much sums up Evan's Halloween. He wasn't feeling very well and fell asleep in the car.... poor Buz. Once he woke up he did have fun trick or treating... I think.