Friday, January 23, 2009

Picky, Picky

What is worse then a picky eater.... a stubborn picky eater. (A.K.A. Makayla) Makayla has always been so hard to feed. It is impossible to get her to try new foods. I don't expect her to eat things she genuinely doesn't like. I am thankful my mom never forced me drink milk (yuck!) What I have a problem with is that she won't even try things...things I know she would like. Tonight I made Sloppy Joe's. Not the Manwich kind...I mean from scratch (big deal for me). Makayla just sat there looking at it telling me, "Mom I know it has to taste disgusting because that is how it looks." Real confidence boost for the cook. By this time Evan had already cleaned his plate so Wes was getting him so ice cream for dessert. "But Mom I am not hungry for dinner, I am just hungry for ice cream," pleads Makayla. I am sure you are sweetie, but no dinner, no ice cream. By this time Makayla really starts to melt down...she doesn't do it often, but when she does it is quite a show. She pulls out all the stops...big alligator tears, random babbling, and my personal favorite....fake choking. All she had to do was try it....give it a taste. But no, because if Makayla is nothing else she is determined...and she had already decided that her "taste buds wouldn't like it." The best part...after she sat there for 45 minutes I finally cleared her plate and gave her some bread with butter (I know...but the has to eat). Suddenly she starts bawling even more than before,"But Mom I was just about to eat that! Can you make me another one?" Are you kidding me...I surrender.

This post is dedicated to Aunt Ashley...thank you for your wonderful example and for making Makayla's eating habits seem almost normal.

Monday, January 19, 2009

High Flying

When we moved to our house, one of my favorite things was the huge oak tree on the side of the house. The previous owners had a rope swing tied to a branch about thirty feet up. Over the years, however, the rope had begun to dig into the limb and trunk of the tree. We knew we would have to take it down and replace it with something that would not be as harmful to the tree. The biggest problem....getting thirty feet up to do that. Sadly, Weston's tree climbing skills are about as good as his sheep shearing skills (and there is the whole safety issue thing) Thankfully, for Christmas my parent hired a tree company to come out and remove the old swing and replace it. Getting the new swing in was quite the ordeal, but so worth it. It is so much fun! It seems to represent what being young and carefree is all about. I hope when my kids look back at their childhood this red tire swing brings many happy memories.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I decided to sign Makayla up for softball. She always loved going to her Aunt Megan's games. Plus lets face it, she is such a girl...I want to make sure she knows there is more out there than ballet, fairy princesses, and the color pink. When I told her I signed her up, she gave me a serious look and said, "You know Mom, you really should have asked me first." I am thinking that a couple of balls to the head might be good for her....batter up!