Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am not exactly sure what prompted me to have a garage sale...I guess since I have never done one before I thought it would be fun. Having now done one, I can tell you that they are not fun...at all. Now our garage sale drew a "interesting crowd". The first customer drove up and asked if we have any knives, guns, or ammo. No sir, but I do have a nice Baby Bjorn and a boppy pillow. Our house lent itself very well to a garage sale, mainly because of its sweet circular drive. This allowed people to drive by slowly...check out our stuff...and then continue on their way. But the best part of the day happened when Wes decided to clean out the pump house. It was just full of junk and garbage form our remodel. He couldn't throw the stuff away because our cans were down at the road with the signs. Turns out we didn't need the cans because that is the kind of stuff people like to buy....junk...the more beat up the better...doesn't work...perfect....you have no idea what it is...well then you can double the price. Another highlight of the day was when a lady came up asked me how much I wanted for Makayla's old baby stroller. I told her it was $10 and she asked me if I would take $8. Before I could answer Makayla says, "The sign says $10 not $8. See" (holding up the tag). That's my girl...tough as nails. (Although I think she really thought the poor lady couldn't read)
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bumpa's New Toy

I remember when I was younger my dad had a couple of motorcycles...the story goes that my mom made him sell them because he couldn't die and leave her with three kids (this is pre Megan and Jarom). Well it only took about twenty five years, but he finally convinced her that having him around is over-rated. I am actually pretty excited for him. It is nice to see him do something for himself for a change. Makayla thought it was pretty cool...and Evan, while keeping a safe distance, also thought it was much better then his toy version.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Dramatic

The other day while I was driving the girls home from school, they started complaining about what hard lives they had. Pearl: "Evan and Sam are so lucky...they get to have play dates all the time, they don't have any homework, they get to just play with toys all day...it's no fair! All we have to do is work...work...work." Makayla: "Yeah, we are just like Cinderella, but without the happy ending!"

I know, they have such hard lives

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And Evan Makes Three (in school, that is)

I can't believe it....Evan is in preschool. He has been asking me everyday if it was time to start school yet. When the big day arrived he was so excited. When I dropped him off I could barely get a goodbye out of him (so much for separation anxiety). I had big plans for when he started preschool...I was going to take a yoga class, get caught up on all the things I could never find time for, and most importantly run errands all by myself. However, instead of all those wonderful things, you can find me at the library trying to stay on top of my microbiology class. My favorite thing from this week was the macaroni necklace Evan made me at school, he was so proud of it. He asked me if I was going to keep it forever. Well apparently forever in three year language is about an hour. Because that is how long Evan was able to resist eating all the macaroni off the string. I know...big shocker.