Friday, December 26, 2008

Very Merry

This was our first Christmas in our new house. It was perfect. The tree, the presents, was so much fun. This year we got the kids scooters. Evan had his figured out in about two seconds, while Makayla wanted to make sure she knew how to properly use the brake before going anywhere. Weston's parents got us a new camera, which I am slowly trying to figure out how to use. My parents got us tickets to Wicked in San Francisco:) It was a great day. I am always sad as Christmas comes to an end and the excitement slowly fades. I love it all. Right now I am just enjoying those carefree days that follow Christmas, when the kids are completely captivated with their new toys and it is perfectly acceptable that my house is a mess.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Makayla was dancing around my parent's house in her ballet clothes. Everyone kept telling her how cute she looked. No one pays more attention to Makayla than Evan. He wants to do everything she does. He adores her. So when Makayla took her legwarmers off because her legs were "toasty", Evan just couldn't resist. What gets more attention than a cute five year girl in legwarmers....a mischievous two year old boy. What can I say... I didn't stop him, my first instinct was to grab the camera. Priceless!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Have A Sidewalk!

I never thought I would be so excited to see cement. However, when your house is surrounded by dirt and gravel, you learn to reevaluate your priorities. I feel a change within myself... suddenly I am not so concerned with the seasons latest new shoes and styles. Instead I am dreaming of a paved driveway. I want to find out what all the trees are in the orchard are and learn how to take care of them. I want to plant a garden. I want to build a chicken coop and watch Makayla and Evan go collect eggs in their red boots. I am so excited to see what Wes and I can do with our property and see it change with each new project. Now don't get me wrong...the perfect pair of ballet flats still makes my head turn...however... now so does a good pair of sturdy rubber boots.

Dad and Mom, no I am not sick.... I am perfectly fine.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis The Season

Today Evan ate a Christmas tree light. Need I say more?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture Perfect

For Christmas gifts in my family we draw names. We got lucky (or cheated) and had Bryan and Ashley draw our names. I was so excited because I wanted them to take family pictures for our gift. We had so much fun and they turned out amazing! I would like to give thanks to Ashley for her impersonation of a monkey and her commitment not to let any other photographers push us out of our spot. I would also like to thank Bryan for turning Caden into super baby (Evan loved it) and for his awesome photo shop skills (even though you didn't replace Wes for Edward:) Here are a few of my favorite pics...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty Boy

I think the picture speaks for itself. This is what happens when I ask Wes to keep an eye on Evan. Who would have guessed that Evan would be the first to play with my make-up and not Makayla? At least he got the mascara close to his eyes. Not bad for a two year old.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Boy Trouble

I remember being at the Little Gym and the moms were talking about how hard it is to keep their kids in their cribs. A couple moms even had what they called a crib tent. I guess you put your kid in the crib and then you trap them by zipping them in. I thought it was funny because I had never had any major problems keeping Makayla or Evan in their beds. I mean who is in charge here? You just need to teach your kids to mind (right?). Little did I know...When we moved into our house, we replaced Evan's crib with a "big boy bed". Big mistake! Evan thinks it is the best time ever to get out of bed, open his door, and very cutely say,"hi mommy, hi daddy." Then the minute that he sees us comming, he very calmly, walks back to his bed. It is hard to get mad or be all strict when he is just so cute (the downfall). We are making progress, however, he is now geting out of bed about four times as opposed to the thirty when this started. The crib tent is not looking so bad anymore.

House Update

Here is a house update that also goes along with Ashley's picture tag. It has been so nice to get settled into our house this week. One of my favorite things has been to watch Makayla and Evan play together in their rooms, rediscovering all the toys that have been packed up for so long.

For the picture tag I was suppose to post a picture of the 4th picture from my 4th folder. For me that just happened to be a before picture of our kitchen. It is so crazy how much it has changed.
Not quit the retro I was going for. Although the curtains and the bar stools were just an added bonus.
This was actually quite the fancy kitchen back in it's day. You could tell that the previous owner really loved to cook. Hopefully a little of that will rub off on me!

I loved how ever thing has turned out. My favorite is the back splash. It reminds me of an opal or the inside of an abalone shell. Every time I walk in I love it even more.
Many were skeptical about my green island, but I love it! We or I should say Wes still needs to put the hardware on the cabinets, but I am still amazed at the fact that I have running water that I hardly notice.

Here is the nook. This a work in progress. I am going to paint it green to match the island and put cushions on it. As for my siblings, I can not wait for all the game nights that will take place here. And don't worry because when you lose, my pretty kitchen will cheer you up. Game on!

Little Farm Hands

The kids love to go outside and play. With the recent rain, everytime they went outside thier shoes would be covered in mud. Anyone who knows me well knows that this is a serious problem. It was time to get some boots. Now not just any boots would do. They couldn't just be cute, they had to be tuff...I'm talking farm boots. So I drove to Lee's Feed (that's the local farm store). The great thing about this is that I have lived in this area on acreage most of my life and this is the first time I had actually gone inside. Evan was like a kid in a candy store. He ran over to the yellow and green John Deere gloves and exclaimed, "Daddy!" He helped me pick out the perfect boots for him and Makayla. I can actually see myself becoming a frequent costmer of Lee's Feed...maybe there is hope for me yet. As for the kids, they couldn't be more at home while they jump in the mud and chase turkeys all over the property.

Happy Halloween

We had a blast during Halloween this year. It was so much fun to see how excited Evan got when he figured out what this holiday is all about...costume= free candy and staying up way too late. For Halloween we headed to our ward trunk or treat. The cars are always decorated so creatively. I wasn't sure what to do seeing how my van was full of moving boxes. Luckily Amy let grab a spot by her very cutely decorated car.
This is the only pictures I was able to snap before Evan took his hood off. Makayla was excited to wear her Ariel wedding dress that grandma and grandpa Larsen got her at Disneyland. She was concerned about how her hair was going to turn out without her Aunt Megan there to do it for her. I told her that I used to do Aunt Megan's hair when she was little so there was nothing to worry about. (not to mention that I do Makayla's hair everyday) Apparently I am not as good at the fancy styles as Megan. Although I could have used Megan's help in the make up department...definitely not my area of expertise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have offically moved into our house this weekend. It has been such a long time coming that I can't believe it has finally happened. It is so fun unpacking and putting things away. Our stuff have been in storage so long that I had forgotten about most of it. This is the first time I have unpacked with the feeling of being settled. I don't have to think about when or where we will move to next. This is our home...we love it and feel truely blessed to be here. I will update with some pictures soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Time

When October rolled around I convinced myself that I would make it up to Apple Hill for the kids to pick pumpkins. Every time I thought it would be a good day to go, something came up. The other day I was at Trader Joe's where they had a huge pumpkin stand which Evan thought was really cool. So on a 90 degree day with an island band playing in the background, we picked our pumpkins. Definitely not Apple Hill, but the kids didn't seem to care. I am surprised the pumpkins survived long enough to be carved. I had them out the front door and Evan was convinced they were balls. Every chance he got, he tried to roll them down my parents front steps. We had a great time. After all, being together as a family is all that really matters.

Good Self Esteem

After I got Makayla ready for church this morning, she went and knocked on my parents bedroom door. She told them that she wanted to see how cute she looked in the mirror. She took a good look at herself and very confidently said, "Wow, I am cuter than I thought!"

Friday, October 24, 2008


What to do with Evan? The things this boy can do in 30 seconds amazes me. I was in the kitchen putting groceries away when Evan comes inside spitting and saying, "yuck, Mommy." I noticed he had something around his mouth. I smelt it and was immediately convinced that he had eaten animal feces. When I had him show me what he ate all I could think was, "Are you kidding me?" He had actually put a straw in a pole hole and drank the sludge. I couldn't decide whether to cry, panic, laugh, or throw-up. Poor Evan was so grossed out. I had to brush his teeth three times to get him to stop trying to spit the taste out. I quickly called the doctor thinking he was surely going to become ly ill. The doctor, however, didn't share my concerns and said he should be fine. Now, whenever we pass the hole, Evan gives me a disgusted look and says, "No, no, no mom." Bottoms up!

House Update

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our kitchen is finally going in. We are getting the counter and blacksplash intalled this week. It is so much fun seeing everything come together. Now all I have to do is learn how to cook:)

Monday, October 13, 2008


I often refer to Evan as our remodel baby. We have been remodeling our house for half of his life. Our house has consumed so much of our lives that I am beginning to forget what normal life feels like. As I was dragging Evan around running house errands I began thinking how different his life is compared to when Makayla was little. I began to think of all the things I had time to do with her...playing games, going to the park, doing crafts...and then it hit me, Evan has never finger painted. I was suddenly so sad for him, as if it was amazing he was even able to function. And so finger painting became the top priority of my day. Makayla had a blast, while Evan wasn't so sure. He dipped his fingers a couple of times and than looked at me and said, "I all done Mom." Apparently finger painting didn't have the affect on him I thought it would. So I let him down and he ran outside to play. While I watched him I thought of all the things he did have...a beautiful house on five acres where he can run, play, explore, and do all the things little boys live for.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've been tagged!

Thank you Melany!!!

10 years ago:
1. I was eighteen (where did the time go?)
2. A freshman at Ricks College
3. Had a super short hair
4. Worked at Hollywood Video
5. Was in love with the band Boyzone ( a classic)

5 things on today's to-do list:
1. Exercise (I am pretty sure just thinking about it burns calories)
2. is never ending
3. Pick up flowers for a flower order
4. Clean Darcy's cage (he is our bird)
5. Make sure Evan makes it safely through another day

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Raspberries
2. Cheese and ers
3. Strawberries
4. Brown rice cakes (I can eat a whole bag..which I am pretty sure defeats the purpose)
5. Corn Nuts (what can I say)

5 Things I'd do if I were a millionaire:
1. Travel with my family
2. Buy Wes a fancy car
3. Design an amazing playground for my kids
4. Shop at Anthropology (full price...not just the sale racks)
5. Give back to our families

5 Places I've lived:
1. California born and raised
2. Colonial Apartments in Rexburg, Idaho (where I met Teresa who introduced me to Wes)
3. Provo, Utah (yeah, I did my time)
4. Sandy, Utah while Wes finished school (That's love)
5. Our Home...Shingle Springs, California where I finally have a place I can paint the walls (which is not as much fun as it sounds)

5 jobs I've had:
1. Papa Murphy's Pizza
2. Hollywood Video
3. Dental office secretary
4. Discover Card (I get chills just typing it)
5. Mom

I tag:
Anyone who reads this...with a special invite to Bryan (who knows how it feels to be left out of the tagging world)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Makayla and Evan love to bring me flowers from my mom's garden. Today Makayla comes in with beatiful red and orange flowers and I can hear Evan stomping in behind her. He comes up so proud and waves a bunch a dried flowers in my face saying, "look mommy!" Nothing says I love you like dead flowers. The best part is he kept smelling them and saying, "Ummm...pretty."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Red Carpet Event

Our life has been so crazy lately. I can hardly remember what a just normal day feels like. Makayla's has been wanting to have her best friend Pearl over for a play date for months. One problem...our house is full of paint and tools not toys. Well the new Barbie princess movie was coming out (oh yeah it's a big deal) so I told Makayla we would have a movie party. They had so much fun. The only problem with these movies is that they suck you in...not so much for their great plots, but more the lack of one. My favorite quote from the day was from Pearl who told me, "Sister Larsen, Makayla and I are such good friends because we know how to be proper princesses." Pure entertainment.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ever since Evan was a baby he has been a master at giving dirty looks. He always lets us know exactly how he feels. This look was in response to my question, "Evan, can you smile for Mommy?" Apparently he wasn't in the mood.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please Tell Me I Am Adopted

So this most is mainly for the enjoyment of my siblings...if only you guys could have been here to see this. Dad just got his new cold water wet suit for his lobster dive. He was like a kid bringing home a new toy. I wouldn't have even know about it, but has I was walking past their room I caught a glimpse of Dad in something that resembled a batman costume (Yes, there are so many things wrong with that picture). It took me and grandma to help him get the hat on, , but it was definitely worth the effort!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Have No Comment

I don't quit kow what to say. Apparently this is what happens when all your kids toys are packed up and the only thing they have to play with is construction materials. Sad, but true. Luckily, Evan was napping, otherwise I am afraid Makayla would have made him a matching hat.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Utah

Our family is divided into to groups...Californians and Utahans. As Makayla puts it, "Dad and I were born in Utah so we like the cold and you and Evan were born in California so you like the hot." Funny, but true. This last week we went on a trip to Utah to visit family and friends. When we pulled into Grandma and Grandpa's house, the first thing Evan said was, "Mom, I want to go home." Aside from the long, but necessary drive through Nevada, we had a great time. It was very surreal to be back. When we lived there, I always missed California. To me California is home, it was hard to imagine myself living anywhere else. After Wes graduated I was so ready to say goodbye to the snow, the gird system (sadly I have no sense of direction and North, South, East, and West mean nothing to me), and did I mention the snow. It wasn't until I had been away for a while that I also saw the things I miss. Great family and friends, and of course the best carmel apples I have ever had.

Makayla was so excited to see her grandma and grandpa Larsen. She is truely lucky to have them as grandparents. First we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Our friends Aaron and Teresa and their little boy Kobe met us there. We have so much fun together, almost as much fun as Makayla and Kobe. We miss just being able to hang out with them, they are such great friends.

It was fun to watch Makayla and Kobe have such a good time together. When we lived in Utah, their year age difference was so much more noticeable. I think Kobe has a little crush on Makayla (I can't blame him, I think she is pretty neat). His parents told us that when they passed the Draper temple, Kobe asked them if he could marry Makayla there.

I must admit, we couldn't ask for better in-laws. I guess if Makayla and Kobe don't work out, there's still Evan and Kylie.

I think Wes enjoyed the museum more than the kids. The museum had a neat hands on water area. It was filled with sand, water, small trees and dinosaurs. Kobe jumped right in, while Makayla just stood there with a disgusted look on her face.

Bryan and Ashley also blessed Caden while we were out there. He looked so cute. He is the such a happy sweet baby, mainly because he has such an awesome mom (his dad isn't all that bad either). After the blessing we went up to Provo Canyon and had a picnic. It was fun to spend a little more time with my brothers and sister, and sadly our summer fun has come to an end. And yes (Bryan and Jarom) painting an entire house is an excellent way to spend your summer.

After the blessing we headed to Layton to Weston's aunt and uncles house. I always have a great time visiting with them. They had just remodeled their house, which got me excited to to finish my own. We also got to see Paul and Mel. They are expecting their little girl Penny any day.

Aside from the fact that I never got a snow cone (apparently the snow snacks close down when it is pouring rain), I had a great time. On the way home Makayla asked me whether I liked Utah or California better. I told her they both had good points, but that I was partial to California. She told me that she liked Utah the best because that is were she is from. Then she got very serious and said, "Well I like lots of tings about California too. I definitely like the the water better because Utah's water is disgusting!" That's my girl.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

House Update

House Before
We have been remodeling our house on five acres for almost a year. While it has been a bigger project than we could have ever imagined, we are finally in the home stretch. When we first started looking for a house, I instantly feel in love with this property and it's beautiful heritage oak trees. With the crazy house prices in California, property was just something we dreamed about. With my parents help, however, we were able to make that dream a reality. When I pull up to our house, I still can't believe it's ours. I feel to blessed and thankful. I can't think of any other place I would rather be. In the beginning the house was definitely not picture perfect, but it has so much potential. It has been amazing to see it change and become more than we could have ever dreamed of.....

House- Getting Closer
It is so fun to see the outside change even if we still have a long way to go. We are still building a deck on the side and will install a railing along the front. I haven't even thought about the landscaping. I am just taking it one step at a time, but I can't wait to just relax on the front porch and watch my kids play. I love our property and have so many ideas for it. I just can't wait to watch it take shape.

Kid's Bath Before
This bathroom wasn't pretty. It was really outdated and in need of a face lift. It is also very long and narrow. We gutted it, but kept the layout the same. It had just come together this last week. We still need to find a mirror, but I defiantly don't miss the tri fold medicine cabinet.

Kid's Bath After
It is a litter hard to see these pictures. We have a solar tube in this bathroom and the sun is really bright because the cover isn't on it yet. The tile is a large greenish/yellow subway tile. This is the tile that kind of set the tone for our house. I just fell in love with it so I picked all the other tile to blend with it. I really wanted a pedestal sink, but also wanted a vanity for storage. This was the design I came up with. I had a hard time explaining it to the cabinet company, but I love how it turned out. Cute, but functional. I put a deep tub in here because I love to take baths, but couldn't fit one in the master. We still have to install the glass door, but I love how this bathroom is turning out.
Master Bath Before
This was by far my least favorite room in the house. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. The bathroom felt pretty small and was really outdated. The shower was really tiny (not to mention really gross). The vanity was really short, and overall there just wasn't a good use of space. There wasn't much we could do with the layout, but there was a pretty large linen closet which we made a little smaller to allow for a larger shower. We changed out the toilet and vanity. We had to fill in the window to add on the flower room, but we put in a solar tube which lets in a lot of natural light. It was really fun to see the room change, especially because I was put in charge of designing it. Overall I think this has been one of the biggest transformations.

Master Bath After
It feels so good to have this bathroom almost done. It is so fun to see everything come together. I had an idea of what I wanted in here, but it was so overwhelming picking out tile. There is way to much to choose from, and so many details to keep in mind. One of my favorite things in here is the vessel sink. We still have to install the shower doors and windows, but at least the toilet is up and running.

Makayla's Room Before
One of the things I liked most about this house was that it had large rooms and closets. This room had two wall length closets. The first thing we did is knock one out, making the room much larger (almost as big as our master), and creating a solid wall for her bed (the other walls had windows). We also have replaced the the carpet and painted. We installed new windows, doors, and molding.

Makayla's Room After
Makayla's room is pretty much done. We have always rented so I have had so much fun being able to paint her room. At first she was a little worried because I told her she could pick green or yellow for her room because that was what would match her bedding. After a little thought, she looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't really want a John Deere room." I guess all that country air is getting to her. She finally decided on yellow (well I actually told her I wanted green, knowing she would pick the opposite). All that is left is to hang her chandelier and she is ready to move in. Yeah!

We are still working on Evan's room, the kitchen, and family room. I will post some pictures hopefully soon. Remodeling has defiantly been more work than we thought, but as things are finally starting to come together, I am getting really excited. We have been to thankful to be able to live in such a beautiful setting.