Monday, May 5, 2008

How not to shear a sheep

This is our nasty sheep, his name is Rambo. We got him free because he was covered in 3 inches of crap. We decided that he needed to be sheared because he could barely walk, and it is getting hot out here in Cali and I didn't want him to die on us this summer.

We checked out Youtube to see how to shear Rambo. We watched a 70 year old guy from New Zealand shear a sheep in under 3 minutes. He said that once a sheep's feet are off the ground they act paralyzed and just sit there like a "bag of wool".

Rambo had to weigh at least 500 pounds. He was wet and greasy.

I have seen a 115 pound skinny cowboy shear this sheep before by himself. He charged $30.00 to do it. It took three of us over about an hour to shear him. I'm surprised the ordeal didn't kill stinky Rambo.

The best quote during the sheep shearing was from my brother-in-law Bryan. As we were shearing Rambo's belly, he asked, "WHAT IS THAT?" My father-in-law's reply, "That's his taliwacker, don't shave that!"

We got just over 3 bags of wool. Makayla wanted to keep his wool so that Tami could make her a pair of mittens and a warm sweater out of it. Since I figured she wouldn't like mittens that smell like poo, and that Tami's spinning wheel is broken I tossed Rambo's wool, don't let the kids know.

Rambo's haircut looks good, considering who was doing the shearing.

I guess I am a country boy now, notice the freshly shorn sheep in the foreground and the John Deere in the back ground. I think we are going to get some goats, they don't need shearing, and they will eat anything.