Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Kick Off

I know, Easter seems like forever ago, but I am doing a little "blog catch up". We had so much fun this Easter, starting with the Hulbert's eater egg hunt. Makayla was really worried it was going to be cancelled because of the rain, but luckily it was only a little wet (but very cold). This hunt was so much fun. Everyone brings twelve eggs each, and as you can see the adults do a wonderful job of hiding them! The fun doesn't stop after the eggs are "found". There was also cookies the decorate or if you are Evan, frosting to lick!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Spring...or summer is here. Today it was in the high 80's and so beautiful outside. After Evan's nap, I sent the kids outside for some fresh air. Makayla discovered that the grass was full of ladybugs. She slowly creep around and then would quickly clapped her hands together. After several attempts, she excitedly she ran into the house to show me her prize. Ever so carefully she opened her hands so I could peek inside. Then it was back outside to set "her" ladybug free. It was so cute watching Evan follow behind, trying to be so quite and still. It was a perfect moment, watching them discover these bugs together, seeing Evan's face light up when he discovered they could fly, and feeling the excitement that only childhood can brings to such a simple thing.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


What to do with Evan? We were playing outside when all the sudden Evan runs to the van. I ask him what he is doing, but I can't quite make out his response. After trying to open the van door several times, he comes back for assistance. My mom went to the car with him to see what was so important. He all the sudden comes running back to us, his prize in hand....a straw. Why? Well so he can drink some of Grandpa's Coke of course. The things this kid comes up...pure genius!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Closer

After such a huge remodel, once all the big stuff is done, you take a step back and think, "Wow,
look at what we did." Weeks pass and you start to see all the little things you still have let to do...touch up paint, some caulking, a few baseboards still need to be painted...the list goes on (special note-this list only includes inside work...the outside projects are too overwhelming for me to even think about) ...and there is still one pretty big project left...the nook. So finally after getting tired of having nowhere to eat we painted the nook. My Dad brought his spray gun over which was great to have. We finally found a table that fit just right (hard to find a square pedestal)...I love it. My mom is going to help me upholster it and then I call officially check it of the list!